Let’s face it, by the middle of the week dirty towels are everywhere, the beds are a disaster and the floors are covered in sand. Request a housekeeper to come spruce things up and leave your house looking spotless.

Housekeeping Packages

We offer customized housekeeping packages. Each job and request is different so please contact us to arrange a free consultation to discuss price and scope of work.

Airbnb/Vrbo/Vacation Rentals

We provide vacation rental management. Checkout our vacation rental service page for more information. Our expert housekeepers can take care of your cleanup in between bookings. Our housekeepers are experienced, have an eye for detail, and work above and beyond. Contact us to discuss your rental.

General Housekeeping

Need a housekeeper to help keep your home tidy on a regular basis? We provide free consultations to determine scope of work and then pair you with the perfect housekeeper. This could range from weekly cleaning to monthly. Contact Us to discuss your housekeeping needs.

Vacationers Package

We provide exclusive housekeeping vacation packages. From stopping by and doing your laundry, to a quick sweep around the house, we want to make sure your vacation is as stress-free as possible. Select one of the packages below or contact us to arrange the details.

    Whether you are vacationing or getting through the week nobody wants to spend time doing chores.

    With the BRONZE housekeeping package we will:

    • Wash dishes/empty the dishwasher
    • Take Out Trash
    • Sweep/Vacuum
    • Make the Beds
    • General house pick-up.

    Book Housekeeping

    The SILVER package is for you when you need that extra hand, whether vacationing or needing help around the house.

    With the SILVER housekeeping package our team will:

    • Includes Bronze Package
    • Mop Floors
    • Wash/Dry/Put Away 1 Load Laundry
    • General Kitchen Tidying

    Book Housekeeping

    The GOLD package is by far the best package for those who need help getting things done!

    With the GOLD package we will:

    • Includes Silver Package
    • Clean Kitchen and Bathrooms
    • Wash/Dry/Put Away 2 Loads Laundry

    Book Housekeeping