Let’s face it, by the middle of the week dirty towels are everywhere, the beds are a disaster and the floors are covered in sand. Request a housekeeper to come spruce things up and leave your house looking spotless.

Our Standard Housekeeping Package

Our standard housekeeping package can be seen above. Our packages can be customized to your liking. If your requests are not seen above or in our store contact us and we can arrange your personalized housekeeping.

How it Works

1. Click here to go to our store and select either our standard housekeeping package or one of our vacation packages. If you have questions or more custom requests contact us and we can work out the details.

2. Make your selections in the cart. Our store is set up so you can select how many rooms, bathrooms and hours you need for your specific job. Make that selection in our store or contact us with your details.

3. Upon receipt of your order (which can also be done over the phone or through email) we will send you a contact form and arrange all specifics of the job.

4. We can arrange a consultation as well so you can meet your housekeeper. This can be done in person, over the phone or through email. We can receive payment through our online store, cash, or credit card.

***The pricing reflects our basic pricing. If we see the need to make adjustments on time needed for your home we will discuss this with you and make changes as needed.