By Jenna Johns

I know many of you may be asking, what is a personal concierge? Well, to be as simple as possible it is someone who will make arrangements or run errands but, in our company, it is so much more. Our personal concierges strive to make your life as stress-free as possible. A personal concierge is someone that is your very own assistant. Someone that is there for you when you really need it and that can assist you in practically anything. We are your go-to person for connections within the community, assistance in everyday life and your very own planner. 

The personal concierge industry is relatively new. Not many people are aware that this type of service is available to them. These services are so prominent in our culture today that they may not even be recognized. Sky’s the limit for what this industry can offer. Some very common personal concierges offer the following:

  • Pet Services
  • Elder Care
  • Personal Shopping
  • Vacation Planning
  • Transportation Services
  • Corporate Event Planning

These are just to name a few. People may assume that personal concierges just run errands for you and get tasks done and it simply ends with that. However, the way we look at it, we want to be your errand runner but we also want to be your go-to person for insights on new events, connections with people, advice on local restaurants and much more. Instead of thinking of us as a service, we want to be your friend that just happens to help you when you need it most. We want to be that person that gets you all the exclusive perks in your town. In fact, everything will do will undoubtedly make your life better off.

What Intracoastal Concierge can do for you:

  • Arrange and deliver all of your paddle boards and surf board rentals for weeklong vacations
  • Design schedules for fun family activities
  • Purchase and deliver groceries upon request
  • Assist in arranging childcare, pet-care, and housekeeping
  • Pick up mail, purchase gifts for loved ones, and make deliveries
  • Hire wedding planners, rent wedding chairs/other party favors, make events special and stress-free
  • Arrange dinner reservations, hotel/condo reservations, errand running and personal accommodations for corporate events, large sporting events, & other local events in town.
  • Click Here to see how else we can help you.

Whatever it may be no task is too small. It is our pleasure to help you in whatever way you may need. So get creative and allow us to help you.


Certified Member of The Concierge Society